Course costs range from $800-$1400/day

Civilian courses generally run 2-4 days, military courses 4-7 days

AVC’s programs of instruction are largely

customized with a common core of intense

car control training in a wide variety of

vehicles, on both gravel and pavement.

High-Speed Car Control

Tactical and PSD

Off Road and Recovery

- Driving limits, gravel and   

  pavement, urban, rural, open,

  and wooded terrain

- Racing knowledge applied to the  

  real world in real vehicles

- All drive lines: AWD, RWD, FWD

- Dynamic weight transfer control

- Proper use of eyes

- Manual and Automatic

- Left-foot braking

- In-turn braking/lifting

- Trailbraking

- Driving limited visibility

- Driving fast and tight

- Inter- and intra-vehicle 


- Using eyes and mirrors

- Reversing and reversing direction

- Night driving, white light and 


- Getting off the X

- Vehicle on vehicle contact

- Staying switched on

- Additional skills and techniques

-Technical off-road (4x4)

- Recovery

- Kinetic rope

- Winching techniques and set ups

Shooting From/In and Around Vehicles

- Shooting in and around vehicles

- Reactive contact 

- Shooting from vehicles

Most courses are run with two students/vehicle

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