Tara has been working with Tier One groups for over 20 years. Her experience contracting here is very extensive. While Tara doesn't drive, she keeps the drivers in line and the business planted. A veteran Marine, she still works tirelessly for active duty soldiers and veterans alike. 


Mark is a highly decorated Special Operations soldier, with multiple tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and throughout the Middle East. His experience driving indigenous vehicles in wartime is unmatched. He has continuously trained in high-performance driving for more than twenty years and is a recognized expert in long-range mobility and driving in high-risk environments.


Greg has been a military special operations instructor for more than a decade, where he’s honed his expertise in high-risk driving. He has held various competition licenses, is a Ford Tier 3+ test driver, and MRAP trainer. He has vast experience driving indigenous vehicles in urban and rural Central and South America. Greg has also led research programs in synthetic training environments and robotics. 

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