More Seat Time

Drive more with us than any other racing or security school in the country. Car control is easy to understand. The difficult thing is sensory in nature, understanding what the vehicle is telling you at limits. By spending so much time in the vehicle during training, we instill usable sensory memory.


We drive sedans, SUVs, and trucks, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, automatic and manual, high-power and low-power. Our students leave with a thorough sensory understanding of different vehicle types, drive lines, and transmissions. 


We drive on pavement and gravel, off road and on, rain or shine, in urban and rural environments. We don’t drive on pristine asphalt because we’ve never seen pristine asphalt in the real world. 


It’s fun, a lot of fun. There is no denying that. But car control training greatly reduces risk and increases safety and effectiveness. 


Our prices are set somewhere between typical security driving schools and racing schools. Upon discussion our rates can be commissionable. At the very least, they’re set to allow reasonable pass through charges.


We drive fast, taking students up to and beyond  limits in a controlled environment. In the real world, things happen at handling limits. That’s where we spend our time.


Absolute Vehicle Control (AVC) is unique in tactical mobility training. Our training is based on experience and a thorough understanding of high-performance driving in the real world. It’s based on hard data that demonstrates car control, more than any other skill, enhances survivability and effectiveness in vehicles. 


Our instructors have not only been around racing and racing schools all their lives, but they have years of overseas experience in high-risk and wartime environments. All our instructors are either former Army Tier One operators or Tier One trainers. We’ve driven just about everything everywhere in peace and in war. We teach what is most effective first.

Any vehicle, any surface, any speed, seat time yields experience, preparing students to handle the unknown and, ultimately, it produces better, safer drivers in any environment or situation, whether urban, rural, and/or tactical. Outside the vehicle your primary weapon may be your lifeline. But inside the vehicle, your vehicle and your ability with it is your lifeline. We aren’t fancy. We’re effective. 


To discuss our program, please contact either Mark or Greg. We will customize courses to any requirement. 

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