All training includes …

• pavement                                    • gravel               

• mixed                                          • off road

• snow and ice (winter only)          • urban and rural environments

• sedans, SUVs, pickups               • front wheel drive

• all wheel drive                             • rear wheel drive

• standard/automatic                     • ABS/no ABS

• ESP/no ESP                               • TC/no TC                    

4-Day High-Speed Car Control     $4,800/$3,200

During this intense 4-day course students learn to drive front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, and all-wheel-drive sedans and SUVs in a manner most have never experienced, at and over limits. We drive fast. We spend a lot of time on gravel and pavement. We make our students think! Driving fast and well is a thinking process. In this course you learn to feel the vehicle, to understand what it's telling you, and to make sound driving decisions based on sound knowledge. We expect you to fail during this course, to "go off" on occaision. And we expect you to learn from this. We will take you up to and over the limit in training so you stay within limits in the real world.

What we train is based on years of industry, racing, and wartime experience. Any student who completes this course will have the skill sets to race in almost any discipline. But, most importantly, they will posses life saving skills.

Advanced High-Speed Car Control     Price TBD

The advanced modules take your driving to the next level. Higher speeds, tougher roads, more traffic, less margin for error, less prior knowledge. This is semi-custom training depending on customers needs. Pricing follows our standard tiered rates.

2-Day Security Module     $2,400/$1,600

Students learn basic security driving. All the usual suspects here, but taught with more emphasis on driving skills, driving stressed, and driving with traffic. It's a solid addition to the 4-Day HIgh-Speed Car Control course.

1-Day Advanced Security Module     $1,200/$800

This is a very intense one-day course. When combined with High-Speed Car Control and the 2-Day Security Module, it provides some of the most complete training on the planet.

Armored Sedans/SUVs     $2,400/$1,600

We take you up to and over the limits on gravel or snow and pavement. You will work hard and learn to control a heavily laden vehicle. Often up-armored civilian vehicles lack adequate horsepower and mechanicals. We will introduce you to techniques to overcome these deficiencies and to protect your driveability. This is a 2-Day course.

Executives/VIPS and Their Families     Price TBD  

This course is customized for your global location, driving environment, and specific needs. This is High-Speed Car Control taught for those driving in high-risk environments without close protection. It will give you and your loved ones the confidence to drive out of a bad situation, to escape threat, to be safer every day.

Off-Road and Recovery     Price TBD  

Very practical off-road and recovery taught as either 2, 3, or 4-day course, priced at our standard rates. Our off-road and recovery is taught by the combat experienced and includes techniques and approaches seen in the field.

Exotics and Specialty Vehicles      Price TBD  

Do you have an exotic? up-armored exotic? Learn to drive it with us in realistic environemnts. We will take you up to and over limits, but not on a racetrack, not on pristine pavement, on real roads, with dirt and bumps, breaks and dips, curbs and hard obstacles ... you may have to repaint.

Tiered Pricing                                                                      

AVC offers tiered pricing. Tier 1 pricing guarantees a 2:1 student to instructor ratio and 2 students per vehicle. With Tier 2 pricing the student to instructor ratio drops to 4:1 or less. Vehicle ratios remain the same. Tier 2 offers a significant cost savings.

Programs of Instruction …


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. Balance is due 30 days prior to class start date. Tuition includes venue, vehicles, safety equipment, and set ups. Performance driving is inherently dangerous. Damage and injury waivers are required for all students.


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