Our instructors: experienced, fast in anything.

Our instructors are old JSOC guys and JSOC trainers. They continuously train in all forms of high-performance driving. They've driven all over the world in high-risk environments and in war time. Every one of our instructors has extensive experience overseas. Every one of our instructors have "been there" in some fashion.

We're not kids building seat time. We're not racers who've never been out of the country. We're guys who work on our own cars, who do get dirty. We've chased down bad guys through war torn city streets at high-speed without incident. We've been rammed at night by common criminals. We've skirted burn barrel lined roadblocks in the jungle. We've driven all night under NVGs across hostile countryside. And we've done it in indigenous vehicles, in up-armored SUVs and sedans, and in military rigs.


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